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Kemmel - Production

KEMMEL & The art of Filming



The thin line between Reality and Imagination

KEMMEL PRODUCTION is a small but highly specialized film production company focused on high quality video productions.




founded by

ARNAUD LEMAIRE, a graduate of the NYU in film, after years of important collaborations in the world of MIDA and television, today KP, with over 10 years of experience, boasts important productions in the world of art, culture and fashion. 




The search for quality pushes Kemmel towards research and collaborations with the most qualified professionals in the sector. Refined directors, the most sensitive DOPs, tùalented musicians and professionals with an eye for art and beauty. 


As an accurate hand made recipe, Kemmel collaborations start from a concept and script conception to then embrace projects in their entirety from a creative, development and executive prospective. 


The flexible organizational structure allows the company to guarantee very high standards to both small and large productions, constantly striving for quality results.


Important collaborations with artists, professional athletes, dancers and musicians of international acclaim have resulted in productions of great value.




KP has produced hundreds of films during the past decade

From beauty films as « La beauté du Sport » for Chanel Allure Homme Sport ( Diff. L’ & L’equipe TV ) 




To 3D documentaries as « L’envol » for the Ministry of French Culture & Orange 

( Diff. les journées du patrimoine 08 & Orange 3D Channel ) 

And Web documentaries « 1150 ans d’histoire » for La Monnaie de Paris 

( Diff




With also Tv programmes as « Roland Garros et moi » for ENGIE ( Diff FrTv2 ), 







Clients as HSBC, Gossuin, Lacoste, Charles Voegele, TF1, trusted us all-around Europe to promote their images.

Nowadays, a significant collaboration since the end of 2018 with Brunello Cucinelli, for which Kemmel is making series of films that aim to emphasize the founding values and philosophy of the brand.




Great attention to customer needs and sensitivity to listening, make excellent results possible, a close collaboration between the parties.


As a sophisticated handmade product, KP film productions are much more than just video productions, they manage to transform reality into magic, to open the mind to dream and the heart to emotions.




Sharing emotions, as only great films can do.

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